Title: Short-term Psychotherapy Counseling to University Students: A Gate to Growth for a Life-time

Presenter: Maria Pirounaki-Lioni

The aim of the presentation is to point out the effectiveness of Individual Systemic Psychological Counseling to university students, based on the relevant experience from the Counseling Center of Harokopeio University of Athens. More specifically, by focusing on the main themes which emerge from the dynamics that characterize the short-term counseling process, 3 – 5 sessions, we point at its preventive functions for the students, most of them females, 19-25 years old. Moreover, we examine briefly how the way the counseling process also functions as a vehicle of a double de-mythologizing or better de-stereotyping, first of the process of psychotherapy-at least for those that may need it in the future, and second of various dysfunctional psychosocial mainly role-stereotypes, which inhibit the students’ development as persons within the constantly changing psychosocial context.