Title: Training in Systemic Thinking and its Applications

Presenter: Maria Pirounaki-Lioni

In the light of the emerging complexity of social sciences in our constantly evolving societies, we believe that systemic thinking is more than useful to scientists in the helping professions, irrespectively of speciality or specialization.

In this paper, we show how two groups of female trainees, psychology and social work graduates, evolved in the course of one-year 144-hour training program at the Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations.

The main rationale of the program is described as well as the rationales of the various forms of theoretical and experiential transactions encouraged among the trainees.

Moreover, the tools and means used in the context of an ongoing cognitive-emotional elaboration, are described, such as stimulus presentations from a variety of experts in systemic applications, active observations under supervision in work-settings and consultation on trainee issues. It is shown how in the course of constant formation of new constructions, the trainees come up with “bridges” uniting different stages of self-reference; such as moving from the uncertainty of a graduate, to the assertiveness of a future professional, from the confusion of thinking along various theoretical models, to the satisfaction coming from using a unifying model that “permits” and incorporates constant change.