Title: Human Systems and Professional Identity: an interprofessional experiential training

Presenters: Maria Pirounaki-Lioni

                      Alexis Zotos

Objectives: The redefinition of professional identity within the perspective of Systemic Thinking.

Design and method: In this two-year program our trainees are challenged to consider the Greek psychosocial context as a living self-organizing system in which their professional identities are being constructed. This training program bridges structure with process, theoretical knowledge with experiential tasks, provision of guidelines with motivation towards self-organization and consultation with peer consultation.

Results: Disequilibrium and redefinitions serve as means for enforcing flexibility, creating reconstructions, enhancing negotiative skills, promoting rearrangements at a personal as well as a professional level.

Conclusions: We have experienced the constantly evolving complexity of the training process as coming up to a twofold acquisition for the trainees: first to a morphogenesis of a new meaning of social network, shared by all the participants and second to a redefined professional identity for each one of them separately, as a person.